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Hair and scalp problems are getting common nowadays. While most of them are due to genetic reasons, some of them are due to unhealthy habits adopted by individuals. The hair problems include hair fall, dandruff problems, hair thinning, and so on. If you are an individual scouting for a feasible solution, Advanced Hair Studio might be your preference. Advanced Hair Studio is a chain of clinics that resolves hair and scalp problems.

Are you in a hurry for the hair treatment? If yes, you should not be in a hurry. First of all, you should analyze the worthiness of Advanced Hair Studio before redeeming their services. Read this review on Advanced Hair Studio before opting for the suitable hair treatment service.

Have the Advanced Hair Studio services lived up to the expectation?

Marketing tactics can be a game changer for both the service providers and the customers. Advanced Hair Studio is great at adopting and implementing marketing tactics. Due to their marketing efforts, they have established a positive image. Now, customers are attracted towards Advanced Hair Studio because of the glam and sham of the company. But unfortunately, their services prove to be ineffective. As a result, the customer feels duped and disheartened.

Although Advanced Hair Studio has the advanced technological equipment, these are inefficient in rendering effective services. Their team of professionals doesn’t seem to be experienced enough. It seems as if they are delivering according to the rules of the book. This is a major letdown because it directly affects the diagnosis of the problem.

In comparison to other hair treatment service providers, Advanced Hair Studio’s treatment costs are too expensive. As far as their services are concerned, the costs seem to be unjustified. The high costs may be due to their global presence or due to the collaboration with the celebrities from different fields.

 Advanced Hair Studio Services, yes or no?

After a thorough analysis, I would not recommend Advanced Hair Studio to anyone. They need to work on their services to reclaim the lost honor and clientele.

What parameters did we consider while reviewing?

Consultation – 2.5/5

Every patient that comes to Advanced Hair Studio has their own set of problems. The problems differ from person to person and therefore, it demands personalized attention. But the Trichologists at Advanced Hair Studio are adamant on following a marked trail. They don’t try to introspect and devise a feasible solution. Hence, the treatment suggested by the professional is not effective for the patient.

Customer Management – 2.5/5

Rather than imparting valuable services to the customers, Advanced Hair Studio is inclined towards promoting their services. We can say that they don’t want to retain their existing customers but they try building a new customer base. Eventually, it will harm their business in the long run. They should aim at providing effective services by regularly communicating with the clients.

Treatment Effectiveness – 2/5

With the state-of-the-art equipment, Advanced Hair Studio is definitely leading the wagon in the industry. But, if they are not suggesting correct treatment for the client, the technological equipment is of no use. After availing the prescribed treatment, if the customer feels dissatisfied then their purpose is crashed.

Value for Money – 2/5

Churning out a sum equivalent to more than a lakh is not feasible for each and everyone. This is the reason most of the people avoid Advanced Hair Studio’s services. And if a person undergoes a treatment but does not witness positive results, he or she will get annoyed for sure. Advanced Hair Studio services are, according to our review, definitely overpriced.

Advanced Hair Studio – Details

Advanced Hair Studio has a legacy of 45 years. The first studio was opened in the USA. Gradually, it expanded its canvas around the world. As of now, it has more than 300 studios at places such as the UK, India, Australia, and so on. Advanced Hair Studio is dedicated to providing feasible solutions for scalp and hair related problems. The global clientele of Advanced Hair Studio is estimated to be around 1 million. The studio offers following treatments:

  1. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic
  2. Strand-by-Strand The Ultimate
  3. Flashpoints
  4. Advanced Hair Check
  5. Advanced Hair Studio’s Blitz
  6. Advanced Hair Magic
  7. Advanced Laser Therapy

Pros of Advanced Hair Studio

  • Advanced Hair Studio specializes in hair and scalp related services
  • It has a global presence and hence, a member can avail services anywhere in the world
  • Their studios are equipped with the latest technological equipment

Cons of Advanced Hair Studio

  • Their treatment costs are expensive. It is not affordable for everyone
  • Advanced Hair Studio’s consultation and diagnosis department is not proficient
  • They are more focused is biased towards marketing and not on services. This is the reason for their degraded services

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