Truweight Bangalore Koramangala: Weightloss Programs & Reviews

Truweight Wellness Pvt Ltd is situated in the prime location of Koramangala area in Bangalore.

Address: 2nd Floor, Lotus Building, Sony Centre Signal, 4th Block, 

Above Reliance Jewels, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka- 560095

Weekly timings of the office

Monday- 10am-7pm

Tuesday- 10am-7pm

Wednesday- 10am-7pm

Thursday- 10am-7pm

Friday- 10am-7pm

Saturday- 10am-7pm

Sunday- 10am-7pm

It is the primary contact centre between the clients and the company. With over 100 employees, Truweight’s Koramangala branch has the following teams that ensure the best of services:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team 
  • The service team of dedicated, certified dietitians.

The various operations performed here range from:

  • Health consultation and health check-up
  • Addressing and solving client’s complaints and queries
  • Counselling and diet-plan customization by the experts 

Overall Rating of Bangalore’s Centre by Customers

  1. Value for Money

    “Great program with value for money. Losing weight is a healthy side effect of this lovely learning to eat the right programme. All the best”

  2. Quality of Treatment 

    “I am extremely satisfied with Truweight. It helped me deal with my Thyroid problem and my PCOD. I have also been enjoying the superfoods that are being provided to me. My dietician is always there to guide me whenever I have any health-related queries and she gives me diets which are catered according to my health needs. I would definitely suggest Truweight to others who are suffering from weight problems. Thank you so much Truweight.”

  3. Quality of products

    Truweight is an excellent program for those looking for weight loss. The superfoods provided by them are easy to use, tasty and safe. Superfoods combined with daily exercise will give excellent result”.

  4. Staff assistance

    “Great Customer Care. Great Weight Loss Program. Superb Dietician. DELICIOUS SUPERFOODS. I initially enrolled for a three months weight loss program and achieved great results. Now I am going to enrol for a seven months program. It is very easy to follow. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for Weight loss. I am truly satisfied with Truweight. 

Customer Reviews

Manu P (4 stars)– “Dependable weight loss program, wherein dietitians are in regular touch with the user and program is scientifically crafted after a thorough examination of various blood reports. Diet and work out charts are unique to each individual and most importantly all foods (superfoods as they call it) are FSSAI approved and no medicines involved. However, there is no magic performed, one needs to have the commitment towards losing weight for a longer period, slower we lose, lesser the chances of regaining. But a pragmatic diet chart which is not very tough to follow as they a cheat day every week”.

Vipin Kumar (5 stars)– “I have tried different weight loss diets but found all ineffective, I have joined Truweight program 5 months back and lost 10.5kg till now without trying any very hard working.

This is an excellent program and the team is extremely helpful. I have started seeing the results in the first 2nd week itself. I am thankful to everyone here especially my dietician Ms. Yashaswini who has been tirelessly working with me to ensure I achieve my goals. Truweight is an excellent program. It helps you to understand what you really need to eat and helps us to track our progress through their app. Coordinators staff excellent coach. I wholeheartedly appreciate their effort and support. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking for a healthy weight loss option”.

Balaji Kotte (4 stars)– “True weight helped me more than what I expected. I have reduced 15 KG so far and more importantly it’s a health loss. I am very happy with Turweight products and nutritionist who helped and guided throughout the diet program”.

Rudiran Sharma (5 stars)– “On the way With this program in my life I feel very happy for I have lost 15 kgs so far and I am still heading in confident to lose more and be happy and lighter in the future life”. 

Prem Karthik (5 stars)– “Truweight is an excellent program. It helps you to understand what you really need to eat and helps us to track our progress through their app. Coordinators aff excellent coach. I wholeheartedly appreciate their effort and support. I recommend the program”. 

Follow up after-sale

Once the client enrols in the program, Truweight assigns the personal dietitian according to the client’s medical issue and desired weight loss goal. 

The procedure starts with the dispatch of the superfood kit within 3-4 days post billing procedure. The client is guided, to begin with, the detox phase that continues for 15 days. Post detox phase, the dietitian customizes and give the diet plan, which includes the regular meals and superfoods. Further ahead, the meal plan changes according to different stages, requirement, and progress.

Other centres across India

Truweight has expanded many folds in a short span of time and planning to spread its wings even more. Currently, it has centres in 6 cities offering services and Free home consultation.

  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai



Here’s what customers have to say about NuAyurveda’s Kandivali East Clinic

Panchakarma treatment in Kandivali East, Mumbai | Experiences of Aishwarya

My elder sister is also my role model and someone I zealously envy. She is suave, sophisticated, and takes really good care of herself. An elaborate skin care routine, yoga, and massages are a part and parcel of her life. Also, when it comes to her personality, she is always cheerful. But, no matter how hard I try, I am quite the opposite. I panic too soon, can never handle the stress, thus I am most of the time grumpy, my skin is dull because I cannot handle a routine, and due to zero physical activity I have put on some weight.

I tried crash diets, DIY skincare masks, and so much more (to improve my skin texture and reduce my weight), but all in vain. And, my sister could see my struggle. So, one fine day, she took me to an Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai called NuAyurveda. She had booked an appointment for me to try the Panchakarma treatment. I had no idea what I was getting into, but my sister always coax like a charm, so I went ahead.

I went to an ayurvedic clinic in Kandivali East (I came to know later that NuAyurveda has about 4-5 branches in Mumbai alone) and because of the traffic, we were late by 15 minutes. The front office team was quite understanding and within 5 minutes of waiting, we were sent to see the doctor.

The consultation took time because the doctor wanted to know all my medical details, about allergies, what I am expecting, etc. Unlike other treatments, the Panchakarma treatment takes time. It can last from 7 days to 45 days depending on the individual. Basically, Panchakarma is a detox treatment which comes with tons of benefits such as, strengthening the immune system, cleansing the body, relaxation, balancing the doshas, skin care etc.

As the name suggests, it is a 5-step treatment. Your doctor decides if you actually need all the five steps or just a few of them depending on your body. So, my treatment lasted for 15 days. I had to follow a pre-treatment and post-treatment ritual. During the treatment, I underwent massages, exfoliation, cleansing, steam baths, etc. My diet was changed, and it was completely vegetarian.

The first two days of the treatment were quite difficult for me. However, once the treatment was done, I felt like a new person. I had lost a few pounds, my skin was glowing, and I had forgotten what stress is. It was a wonderful experience.

Check out Customer reviews of NuAyurveda’s clinic in South Delhi

Ayurvedic Treatment in South Delhi | Review by Anmol

I had visited NuAyurveda’s clinic in Mumbai for a massage and loved their service. I was in Delhi for a project and I was looking to relax. So, I booked an appointment for their Abhyanga treatment at Ayurvedic clinic in South Delhi. What is Abhyanga? Actually, Abhyanga is said to be a self-massage technique which we can include in our daily routine.

It is a full body massage that results in providing complete relaxation and tranquillity. This massage must be conducted by a qualified practitioner for you to avail all its benefits. It can be done by one or two therapists depending on the individual and they use a special medicated Ayurvedic oil for this treatment. Usually, it lasts for an hour and helps reduce body aches, sleep disorders, improves skin condition, improves blood circulation, and promotes well-being.

Now, let’s talk about my experience at NuAyurveda Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi. My appointment was on a Friday evening around 6, but due to the traffic, I could not be on time. The location of the clinic is good, and you can find it easily. So, I reached by 6-30 and I had this feeling that probably my appointment had been canceled (they would have tried to reach me on my phone, but I was facing terrible network issues so can’t blame them). When I reached the premises, I explained the situation to the front office member.

She was a sweetheart, she was calm and patient, and her smile never wore out. She was quite understanding and asked me to wait for a few minutes. While I was waiting I checked out their reception area. The seating was comfortable, and they had placed soothing scented candles to add some flavor to their ambiance, which completely worked.

The whole place looked stylish and upscale, yet there were a warmth and a welcome feel to it. By 6.45, I was sent to meet my practitioner who asked me about my problems and my medical history. Once he was satisfied, I was sent for my abhyanga. My session lasted for about an hour. The oils they used had a pleasant smell to it, and it put me in a relaxing mode. My therapist was definitely experienced because it was one of the best abhyangas I have ever experienced. My whole month in Delhi went amazingly because of that wonderful Abhyanga massage.

Hair For Sure Review

Hair Loss is faced by almost everyone nowadays and people tend to use several products to stop the hair loss. Hair fall occurs due to several reasons like lack of nutrients, dandruff or any other. This even leads to baldness. Baldness in Men is more common than in Women. To tackle the same issue, Hair For Sure was introduced by Athena Life Science. The main aim of this hair tonic is to stop the hair fall and regrow in several cases. Yes, the tonic may have different effects on different persons but it may not provide an Instant result. You have to actually apply it regularly for few months to obtain required results.

Has the product lived up to expectations?

Talking about the result expectation, Hair For Sure did prevent hair Loss in some cases but re-growth of hair has been seen in many few cases. Most of the people found very fine thin hairs coming after few months but they did not grow more than that. Hair for Sure consist ingredients like Glycerin, Glycol, Aqua, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Aloe barbadenis leaf juice and much more helping in making hair more stronger. Positive results were seen mostly among the persons having an initial stage of baldness. But some have complained of losing more hair after application or leaving the product midway after using. Again this can be because product effectiveness differs from person to person.

Would I buy the product?

Well, there is no harm in trying the product for a couple of months. If there are side effects or no results, would leave the product or else would continue using it. Overnight results are not possible so rushing to any conclusion before using would not be a great idea.


The Hair Tonic is packed in a White Plastic Bottle having a high neck and attractive shape. Also, the cap of the bottle is highly secured with 3 layers making it spill proof while on the go. There is a transparent nozzle for dispensing the tonic. This prevents from taking an excess of tonic making it last longer. It comes in a Blue Box having all the ingredients list and directions to use the hair oil.

Hair tonic usage

For usage, just turn it in anti clockwise direction and apply 4-8 ml of tonic on your scalp. Applying twice a day will provide required results. The first application on the hair is to be done after a bath and then apply before you go to your bed. Gentle massage is recommended and this way people have got the claimed results. Breaking the usage chain or taking it in low or excess quantity may not lead you to desired results.

Fragrance and effectiveness

There is a strong smell when you open the cap of the bottle and apply. In Initial applications, you might feel the smell to your nostrils but afterward, you would be adjustable to that smell and it won’t matter anymore. Some of the persons have felt a tingling sensation after application and some even had noticed scalp skin coming out after using the tonic. Some of the reviews state that they had hair fall at a certain phase but continue application in and post that phase helped in restriction of hair loss and re-growth of hairs.

Value for Money

Considering the effect claimed by the company after using the product, the price of the hair tonic is not too expensive. In fact, it is fairly priced and those wanting to rebuild their hairs and repair the scalp, the product is very worthy.

Product description

The Hair for Sure Tonic comes in 150 Ml packaging priced at around Rs 650-700. There is another Hair For Sure 3 months Regime tonic priced at Rs 1700 which needs to apply regularly for 3 months. The Rutexil Complex helps in activating the hair follicles leading to hair growth. One bottle of 150 ml lasts almost 12-13 days after 2-time application daily.

The product is easily available at retail stores and if you want, can order online as well from Amazon, Flipkart or eBay.

Pros of Hair For Sure

  • The high-quality Plastic Bottle has an attractive packaging.
  • Several reviews suggest less hair fall after application of Hair For Sure Tonic.
  • The smell of the hair Tonic is quite Nice and strong.
  • It is completely safe product to use and have found usually positive results.

Cons of Hair For Sure

  • There is no drastic change in the hair or where baldness is there.
  • There is a tickling sensation after application and some of the users have complained of itchiness as well.
  • Leaving the usage midway had resulted into more hair loss in certain cases.

Tracker Review

Worrying about hair fall and doing nothing is not any solution. There are various hair-growing oils. Shampoos and tonics available one of which is Hair For Sure. Yes, there has not been all positive reviews about it but it has no side effects to skin or hair after application as well. The best results are seen on the people having early stages of baldness or hair loss. After a couple of months, hair loss tends to slow down so expecting an overnight result from this product is a big no. Do try using it for few months and then decide accordingly.

Indulekha Hair Oil Review

Many of you might have seen an advertisement of the Indulekha Hair Oil bottle claiming to stop hair fall and marketed as a medicine of Ayurveda for hair growth. Hair Fall is a very common problem now among men and women and so expectations from this oil being herbal oil is more as compared to regular ones. The hair oil is trusted by thousands of people owning to its 100% natural ingredients used in making of the oil. But the hair oil has not proved great for many owning to different hair types. Applying it regularly for a couple of months would provide you with some results.

Has the product lived up to expectations?

As per company claims, the product prevents hair falls, grows hair and helps in stopping premature graying. All of these are not possible in one or two applications. So for natural and 100% results, one might have to apply it for few months and then come to conclusion. Going through users’ reviews, there have been several instances of no results and several instances had great results. Overall, mixed reviews have got the Indulekha Hair Oil. Price has been a concern for money but the self-help bottle attached to the app f the bottle seems quite an effective way for the application of oil. For persons having Mild to Moderate hair fall, Indulekha would seem to be great but for people having massive hair fall, it might not work wonders.

Would I buy the Product?

Going by the reviews, trying it would not be a bad option. If the product would provide any positive results to my hair, would definitely continue using it else would not. Again the effect may vary from person to person so generalizing from one person’s review would not be a great idea.


Indulekha Hair Oil comes in quite a unique packaging with a Selfie Bottle. Yes, it has a unique feature where the cap of the oil bottle has wide 10 needles letting you apply the hair oil to the scalp distributing evenly. This would tend to not lose a single drop of oil. It has been noted that the selfie bottle has attracted many users and it has been one of the strongest reason for using the hair oil by people.

Hair consistency

Talking about the hair consistency then several people have seen results in first week itself. Some of the reviews state major hair loss after the application. But people have claimed to obtain shiner and smooth hair after using the oil. The dryness of the hairs has been solved in several cases too. The hair texture does become good after using the oil but again it may vary from person to person.


The hair oil is dark brown in color owing to all herbal ingredients. The smell of the oil is not very pleasant because of all natural ingredients used. It is not that bad smell as well but it is quite strong. But those who like the smell of the herbs would definitely like its fragrance. After initial applications, you would be used to the smell and it won’t affect you afterward.

Value for Money

The major concern for Indulekha Hair Oil is its pricing. Stating it to be an herbal oil it would be costly than regular oils but it is way more pricey than other Ayurvedic oils as well. If a price is your major concern, Indulekha would not be a right choice for you. If you are ready to pay money to curb your hair loss then Indulekha hair oil serves the purpose.

Product description

Indulekha Hair oil is a 100% pure product owing to the herbs used in it like Bringha, Kumari, Amrita, Nimba, Brahmi etc. The 100 Ml bottle is priced at Rs 432 and can be obtained at a discounted price online from Amazon or Flipkart. Applying twice a week lets you use the hair oil almost 7-8 times in a month. The shelf Life of the bottle is 2 years from the date of packaging.

Pros of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • 100% natural hair Oil
  • The Self Help Bottle lets you dispense oil easily and effectively on your scalp.
  • The hair texture becomes good and shines after using it.
  • Combats hair loss and makes them  stronger.
  • Not very difficult to wash off while shampooing.

Cons of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • Too expensive hair oil.
  • The strong herbal oil smell is not liked by many.
  • No drastic results are seen in any of the cases.

Tracker Review

If asked upon whether I would try considering the hair Oil, my answer would be Yes. Also if a price is not your concern then trying Indulekha hair Oil is not a bad option. It might bring you changes but do not expect miracles to happen. Having proper diet along with hair oil will let you maintain your hair properly.

Dhathri Hair Oil Review

Herbal hair Oils are usually preferred among the users for strengthening their hairs, the reason being they make the hair strong naturally without having any side effects to the hairs. With the same aim almost about 200 years ago, Dhathri came into existence. Parameswara Vaidyar who started with a small yet effective measure of Ayurveda to the consumers has grown to such big extent. Dhathri hair oil product imbibes traditional ayurveda with present research and technology. Being an Ayurvedic product, the effectiveness of the hair oil would differ from person to person and would even take more time than other hair oils to show some results.

Has the product lived up to expectations?

There has been mixed response to the Dhathri hair oil among the consumers. Dhathri hair oil is to be massaged into the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash. But it has been found that it may not necessarily be providing same results to each person. The main reason why people tend to use the hair oil is because it is herbal and made from ayurvedic products like Aloe Vera, Eclipta Alba, Brahmi, Amla etc. Due to the ingredients in the oil and its claim of no hair fall, people are attracted to try it for few times. But again the effectiveness depends from person to person.

Would I buy the Product?

Well, there is no harm in trying the product for a few months, as it is an herbal product. Smoothness and shininess is a result stated by many but the reviews on a public forum about the heavy hair loss after using it cause a big dilemma for me whether to try it or not.


As far as the packaging is concerned, customers have given full marks to it. The bottle comes with a cap opening making it much easier to take out oil in sufficient quantity. But there have been issues for some while travelling as the oil has been found leaking. There are a couple of hair oil variants having different packaging like Anti dandruff, herbal hair care oil etc in hair oil range which customers can choose accordingly as per their use.

Fragrance and effect

Being herbal oil, Dhathri has a natural fragrance which is quite attractive and soothing. The smell of Coconut is strong along with some other herbal flavours. Those who love natural flavours and smell they would instantly like the fragrance but those who are not used to or have used only artificial ingredients hair oil might not like it. The hair oil has been effective to an extent. Meaning it does make your scalp stronger but leaves residue behind even after washing thoroughly. As per some of the reviews, people have found that their hair fall has increased or there is no such effect on the hair at all.

Value for Money

 Priced decently, Dhathri hair oil does prove worthy when it comes to oiling your hairs with natural products and providing shine to it. Strengthening the roots is also what it does and so it does stand well with regards to value for money.

Consistency of the hair oil

Hair Oil based of herbal ingredients provides good consistency. In fact, many have stated that those who have done hair color and got rough hairs were able to achieve smooth hairs back with this hair oil. Texture is good as well but some of the reviews state that there was no change in the amount of white/gray hairs leading to no results.

Product Description

Dhathri hair oil comes majorly in Herbal hair care oil and Anti dandruff hair oil range. The herbal hair care oil bottle of 100 Ml is priced at Rs 235 while the anti dandruff hair oil is priced at Rs 150. The Herbal hair care plus hair oil is priced at Rs275 for 100 Ml and the daily hair oil is available at Rs 95. All the bottles have attractive packaging and the ingredients used are 100% pure and natural.

Pros of Dhathri Hair Oil

  • With good packaging and cap at the top, the bottle lets you get enough quantity at a time.
  • The hair oil provides shines and good texture to hair within few days.
  • Yes, there is hair loss relief to some extent in several cases.
  • The hair oil has a very pleasant fragrance containing all natural ingredients.
  • Affordable for people while using it daily.

Cons of Dhathri Hair Oil

  • It is not good to take the bottle while you are travelling as many have found it to be it to be leaking while travelling.
  • It is indirectly stated on the bottle that the hair oil is not good for people having sensitive skin and for babies.
  • If the person has major hair fall, it does not provide a drastic effect on it.
  • Availability of the product is restricted to South India as it is a local product of Kerela.

Tracker Review

People tend to go for natural products in today’s world over chemical based products. For the same reason, Dhathri hair oil is used by many. Owing to some of its side effects and no effects at all, there are negative reviews of the products as well but my final thoughts would say, try it for few times and if the oil does not suit you, you can switch to your regular hair oil.

Lakme Skin Whitening Serum Review

When one thinks of cosmetics in Indian market, Lakme is a brand name that definitely strikes the head. Lakme has filled the Indian markets with a variety of beauty and personal care products. While some of the products have fetched praises, some others have fetched severe criticism for the brand. Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is one such product from the house of Lakme. The product promises of glowing and radiant skin after using it daily. The product is an addition to the already existent perfect radiance series of products of Lakme.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum has micro crystals and some vitamins that help in brightening the skin. The additional ingredients of the serum help in nourishing the skin and giving a charming look to the face. Most of the user reviews suggest that although the effects of the cream is significant, it is just temporary. The serum promises to help the users get a whiter tone of skin. But it does not actually work for that. Yes it makes the skin a few tones lighter and results in a glowing skin, but this effect is temporary. Again, the product has to be strictly used on a regular basis. If one fails to use the Lakme Skin Whitening Serum for a few days, then the results might vary. It is definitely a tough job to use the serum regularly because it i priced on the higher end. Apart from these, the product has performed very well. The product is suitable for almost all skin types and is a great summer partner as has been suggested by many user reviews.

Would I buy the product?

Yes I would. Keeping in mind the amount that needs to be used regularly, the pricing of the product is okay since a single pack can go on for months. Also, the user reviews are in support of the results of the serum.


 Packaging is one of the departments that Lakme has gained dexterity at. Choosing the right kind of packaging to attract the customers has been one of the tricks of all the cosmetic brands including Lakme. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum comes in a bottle pack that is sleek with a silver coloured pump dispenser on the top. Operation of the pump dispenser is smooth and hassle free. With every push, the dispenser gives out just the right amount of serum for the user. The sleek packaging helps the users to carry the pack around in their handbags easily.

Texture and appearance

The serum is extremely light on skin. It is so light that the initial impressions of the users would suggest negative results. But the serum works wonders. The serum starts working right from the first week of use. The good part of the cream is that it is great for people with dry skin and keeps the skin hydrated. A moisturizer can also be used with the serum if necessary. The serum acts a great base for the effectiveness of a BB Cream.

Effects of using the cream

 Most of the user reviews suggest that using the ream on a regular basis has made their skin soft. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum helps in the effective functioning of other creams and products. The serum brightens the skin by a few tones and also acts on the dark spots. Using the serum makes the skin of the user more lively and vibrant.

Value for Money

 The initial impressions of the knowledge about the price of the cream might be bad since the price may seem to be very high. Yes it is on the higher end but when the daily usage amount of the serum is taken into consideration, the pack runs at least for a couple of months. Thus we can say that the pricing of the Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is suitable when the effects that it produces on the skin of the user are taken into consideration.

Product description

The primary ingredients of the Lakme Skin Whitening Serum include Propylene Glycol, Potassium Chloride, Glycerin, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Mica etc. apart from the fragrances. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is available at a price of Rs. 850 for a 30 grams pack. The shelf life of the product is 24 months from the date of manufacturing. It is advisable that the product should be stored in a cold and dry place.

Pros of Lakme Skin Whitening Serum

  • Light texture and quick absorption into the skin.
  • Mild and sweet fragrance.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Brightens the skin to a few tones.

Cons of Lakme Skin Whitening Serum

  • Sillicone content.
  • Not so significant whitening effect.
  • Not effective on heavy marks.

Tracker Review

The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is one of the most efficient products under Lakme as is suggested by the user reviews. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum can be used before applying any other product since it serves as a great base for other creams.

Gatsby Hair Wax Review

Gatsby is a global brand producing hair care and face care products for men. Gatsby products are generally manufactured in Japan. The range of hair wax products from Gatsby are one of the most hyped products in the market but their effectiveness varies from person to person. The hair wax product range is available in a variety depending on possible styles and hair length of the customer.  The hair wax range from Gatsby has been in the market for about 10 years from now and has been able build decent reputation among the consumers. Apart from the hair wax products , Gatsby has also shaving products, fragrances and perfumes, body cleansers etc.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

The hair wax range from Gatsby has received mixed reviews from the consumer forum. Since the product involves action on the hair and indirectly the scalp of the person, the effect would definitely be different on different people. The primary point that has captured a major part of the reviews is the artificial product formula. Often the customers find the artificial formula of the hair wax risky to use anticipating of the incompatibility with scalp and hair and leading to further problems. People generally prefer to use natural products for their hair and the Gatsby Hair wax being completely artificial faces stiff competition from the natural products. Talking of the variants that the product comes in everyone can find a Gatsby Hair Wax depending on their hair type and the style they want. A big credit to Gatsby for introducing such a good variety of a single product. The fragrance of the product is mild and good.

Would I buy the product?

As far as my hair is concerned, I prefer to be cautious and would not just risk it by using artificial products especially when there are natural alternatives available as well.


 The product comes in an attractive packaging to attract the customers. As per the customer reviews, a packaging is one of the major factors that led the customers to buy the product. The product comes in a pack similar to a balm packaging with a turning cap on the top. The wider mouth of the packaging helps to easily get the product on hands and apply the same on hair smoothly. All the variants of the hair wax come in different colors of packaging.

Fragrance and Effect

 The fragrance that is common in the hair wax range of Gatsby is that of green apple. The scent is mild and gradually fades away if used in the right quantity. Some of the hair wax variants are also odorless. The hold of the wax weakens with the increase in the hair length. The wax holds good until 3 inches of hair length but may have issues beyond that length. However, there are separate variants of the wax for longer hair. As per the reviews, some users found graying in their hair after using the product. This might be due to the chemicals used in the wax. The holding power of the hair wax is great but the side effects like graying of hair, messy hair etc. prove the inefficiency of the product.

Value for Money

 The product is available at a decent pricing. If holding your hair strong is the primary aim of your buying the Gatsby Hair Wax then the product is priced suitably. However, if the possible side effects are to be considered then why should anyone pay for degrading the hair quality.

Consistency of the wax

 The consistency of the wax is suitable to give a strong hold to your hair for a long time like 6 hours. Even it helps to hold frizzy hair strongly as well. However, the consistency of the gel might prove to be too sticky sometimes. One needs to wash the hands definitely after applying the Gatsby Hair Wax. Some user reviews suggest that the stickiness of the Gatsby Hair Wax has led to the roughness in the hair after application.

Product Description

The product comes in a number of variants each with a different price. The major variants of the product include Mat and Hard, Super Hard, Extreme and firm etc. The Extreme and Firm variant is available at a price of Rs. 171 for a 75 grams pack. The mat and hard variant is available at a price of Rs. 400 for a 75 grams pack. One can also go for smaller packs. All these Gatsby Hair Wax products have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing. The ingredients of the product are chemicals and fragrances along with some colouring agents.

Pros of Gatsby Hair Wax

  • Global recognition of the product.
  • Strong hold of the hair when used in right quantities and for right hair length.
  • Attractive packaging and gives a shiny and wet look to the hair.

Cons of Gatsby Hair Wax

  • May leave the hair rough and dry.
  • Not a natural product with chemical ingredients.
  • Might be too sticky for some.
  • Might cause greying of hair.

Tracker Review

When people are choosing natural products over the artificial ones, the Gatsby Hair Wax is definitely going to face some stiff competition. But as of now, the Gatsby Hair Wax range is one of the most used products in the category world wide.

Richfeel Review – Indira Nagar , Bangalore Clinic

Brief – how old is Richfeel and how strong is Richfeel brand ?

It has been 30 years since Richfeel came into existence for treating people with hair problems. Although Richfeel has received mixed reviews from the consumer forums, testimonies stand as the supporter of how efficient the treatment really is. The Richfeel Clinic manufacture their own medicines, shampoos, creams and other products in Himachal Pradesh and these products have been tested to provide significant results among the users. Currently Richfeel has its clinics and treatment centers in 29 cities including one of the best at Indira Nagar, Bangalore.

Does Richfeel service matches the hype ?

Hair Loss is generally associated with hormonal or DNA problems which requires intensive treatment for recovery. Several speciality clinics have grown up to take up this challenge and have been helping people gain their hair. Richfeel is one such clinic which has been effective in making the dreams of a number of hair fall patients come true. However the effectiveness of the treatment procedures vary from person to person. The patients who have been treated at Indira Nagar Clinic of Richfeel have given mixed reviews but a majority of them seem to be in favor of Richfeel. Testimonials suggest how Richfeel has helped people with hair fall problems gain back their hair. Reviews suggest that people were highly impressed by the professional approach of the experts at the Richfeel Indira Nagar Clinic and the medicines and treatment procedures that they were prescribed by them had a dramatic impact on their hair fall problems and resulted in an overall betterment.

Should I go for treatment at Richfeel Indira Nagar Clinic?

If you have already decided to get your hair treated in a clinic then Richfeel Indira Nagar is really a great option.

Value for Money

All of the Richfeel products and hair treatments are priced high and cannot be afforded by all. The guarantee papers that the customer needs to sign before taking the treatment puts a question mark on the justification to pay such a huge price when there is no guarantee of effectiveness of the treatment. One must know that in most of the cases the effects of these treatment procedures do not last long or at least not as long as lifetime. So it does not provide great value for money.

Qualifications of the experts 

As per the reviews from a number of treatment receivers, the experts who provide treatment at the Indira Nagar Branch of Richfeel, they have a professional approach towards treating the patients. The medicines and shampoos or creams that these experts prescribe to the patients have resulted fabulous results in most of the patients. However no revelations have been made regarding the qualifications of the experts who provide the treatment. Going by the testimonials provided by the patients who have been treated at the clinic, the experts have been doing a really great job, here at Indira Nagar.

Efficiency of the products 

The hair conditioners, shampoo, jaborandi hair oil, creams, scalp cleanser or medicines that have been prescribed by the experts to the hair fall patients have been proved to produce significant results. But this does not guarantee the results in the future. This means that the lasting of the effects of using these products has not yet been tested. Generally these do not provide any permanent solutions to hair loss and the initially significant effects tend to wither away gradually as time passes. In some reviews, it is evident that the products do not work at all on some patients. Thus the effectiveness of the products vary from person to person.

Variety in treatments and products

At indira nagar clinic, the patients are provided with a variety of hair treatment services for several problems. All these treatment procedures are available for the patients at different prices. Most of these treatment costs are put on discount offers to attract people. A patient who has subscribed to a consultation plan at the Indira Nagar branch can also visit the other branches for hair treatment

Service Description

The treatment for several hair fall problems are also provided at exciting finance options with a down payment of just 1 rupee. The regular use products from Richfeel like shampoo, hair conditioner are also available on several ecommerce sites at great prices. The products are priced a bit higher than the normal products. The shelf life of the hair care products generally varies from 2 to 3 years from the date of manufacture depending on the product.

Pros of service provided by Richfeel Indira Nagar, Bangalore

  • Wide variety of treatment procedures for all types of hair problems
  • Expert treatment personnel
  • Attractive finance schemes for the service takers
  • Easy availability of the hair care products

Cons of service provided by Richfeel Indira Nagar, Bangalore

  • The hair transplant and hair treatment cost is high.
  • No guarantee on the results
  • May have side effects

Tracker Review

The Richfeel Clinic situated at Indira Nagar has been providing great treatment to all the hair fall patients and the outcomes are noteworthy. If one is ready to pay a high price to get a significant solution to his hair fall problem, then Richfeel Indira Nagar is really a great option for you. However you should also know that most of the outcomes are generally temporary and not lifelong

Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic Review

Richfeel has been providing hair loss treatments for over 30 years from now and has been one of the most frequented hair therapy clinics in the country. Currently Richfeel has its clinics spread over 29 cities and the business has been growing at a steady rate. The Richfeel clinics also offer hair transplant surgeries along with non surgical hair loss solutions to the patients. The medicines, food supplements, shampoos, creams etc. that the patients are recommended are all formulated by themselves using their state of the art manufacturing facility at Himachal Pradesh.

Has the service lived up to the expectations?

The reviews from the people who consulted with the experts at the Richfeel Clinic at Rohini are mixed. This of course suggests that the treatment could have been better. While some of the service users are very satisfied with the treatment they received at the Richfeel Rohini clinic, some reviews suggest that their condition worsened after the use of the products and solutions that they were recommended at the Rohini branch of Richfeel. Some of the user reviews put a question mark on the qualification of the experts who carry out the treatment process at Richfeel, while some others put a question mark on the alarming high amount that one needs to pay for the medicines and creams that patient is recommended at the clinic. However some users have found the services and products that they received at the Rohini centre of the Richfeel clinic quite helpful and testify how the treatment brought a ray of hope when they had already given up.

Would I go for the services at Richfeel Rohini centre?

I believe that using chemical products can result only in the depletion of the hair although minor developments can be noticed in initial phases. So I would better stick to the natural products rasther than spending huge amounts on treatments at Richfeel, Rohini.

Value for Money

 The treatment procedures and the medicines that are prescribed at the Richfeel Clinics are too heavy on everyone’s pockets. But the working of the medicines and the treatment is not guaranteed, which is well evident from the guarantee paper that the patients sign before taking the treatment. So it is a sensitive thing to invest such huge amounts when the output is not guaranteed. The services that are provided do not offer value for money since the clinic does not make any mentions regarding the lasting of the treatment.

Qualifications of the experts

The Richfeel Clinic does not disclose anything about the experts that carry put the treatment process at the clinics. It is a matter of concern since you are handing over such large amount of money to the clinic officials for the treatment and if the experts are not experienced you are losing the money and also putting your heath at risk. Some reviews suggest that the experts are not well qualified and do not have degree. They have just completed some online courses before starting the treatments at the clinic. The authenticity of these reviews has not yet been tested but it is definitely a matter to ponder upon.

Effectiveness of the treatment

 The treatment that is provided at the Richfeel rohini clinic has received mixed reviews. The officials at the clinic also do not guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment that they provide. Some users review that the treatment has proved to be quite helpful while some other review the services to be bad and say that taking the treatment resulted in a worse situation for them. One might get great results in the beginning. There are chances that it would continue, but there are also chances that the situation would worsen. The experts also make no promises about the lasting duration of the results.

Range of services and products

The Richfeel Clinic provides a range of treatment types and products for all the patients suffering from hair problems which include both surgical and non surgical methods. The Richfeel Clinic gets a thumbs up in this regard although the effectiveness of all these services and products is a matter of debate.

Service description

The first consultation at Richfeel is free of cost. But the Clinic charges a heavy amount for taking treatment and there is a yearly consultation charge as well. The Richfeel regular use products are also available online. The Hair Conditioner costs Rs 210, Shampoo costs Rs 933 and so on. The major treatments cost heavy on the pockets. However the treatments are put on discounts by Richfeel, most often. The products from Richfeel can be used within 2 to 3 years from the respective manufacturing dates.

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic 

  • Widespread service locations
  • Free first consultation
  • Wide variety of treatment options
  • Easy EMI and Finance options

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic

  • Heavy on the pockets
  • No guarantee on the treatment
  • No mentions regarding expert qualifications

Karma Review

Hair fall problems are often associated with hormonal problems which are a bit more difficult to treat. Thus before investing such a huge amount of money without a guarantee of good results should be followed by a prior research regarding its effectiveness and side effects