Cantharidine Hair Oil Review


Hair is an important part of the personality and just like the other parts of the body hair they too need proper nutrition. There are different problems that generally get associated with our hair like dry scalp. Some hair oils are heavy and they make your hair so sticky that you tend to avoid them. However, there are light hair oils also available in the market that does not leave the hair greasy. But these oils are a bit expensive and put extra burden in the pocket

Cantharidine Hair Oil is manufactured by the Bengal Chemical and is a very old brand and name in this field and this product has built very good trust over the years helping the woman to overcome different problems associated with their hair.

It is always good to know about your product before buying it as the money that you earn is a hard earned resource and it should not be spent on anything that gives you trivial results. So, we have a quick review here based upon the different parameters that may let you get decisive about buying that product:

Value for Money

Cantharidine Hair Oil is very inexpensive because of very little spent on the packaging too. A bottle of 100 ml can cost you around INR 64. The benefits this product offers really makes it value for money. It is really difficult to find the goodness of light hair oil at such a nominal price.

Hair Shine

The shine that it offers to the hair is really incomparable. It can even be used as a serum and helps in detangling the hair as well. This hair oil is very light and makes the hair beautiful and silky. Because of the added benefits of peanuts, it moisturizes the scalp and hair in the best way possible leaving the hair shiny.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to the satisfaction of the customers, then this oil passes all the parameters and examinations and lives up to the expectations of the customers as it is almost impossible to get all the benefits of good hair oil at such a price.


This oil comes with the goodness of Arachis Oil, Light Liquid Paraffin, and Cantharidine which makes it the best conditioner for the hair. Because the arachis oils are derived from the peanuts and the oil contains Vitamin E too, this hair oil is the best hair tonic for any type of hair. The fragrance also is very mild and sweet. Cantharidine Hair Oil comes in orange pale color with a shelf life of almost 2 years. The choice of ingredients is really commendable that gets you the best results.

Pros of Cantharidine Hair Oil

  • It helps in the growth of new hair.
  • It helps to protect the hair from pollution and other substances that can harm the hair indirectly.
  • The scent is mild and it is not too strong.
  • Can work as serum too
  • Detangles the hair
  • This oil is quite light to carry and it even does not make your hair oily like other hair oils.
  • Makes the hair thick and long
  • Inexpensive and is very easily available at any good shop.

Cons of Cantharidine Hair Oil

  • It only aids in the growth of hair and maintaining good health of hair but it does not prevent the hair from hair problems such as dandruff.
  • Packaging can be improved.
  • Not travel-friendly

Tracker Review

Overall it is excellent hair oil which is very light in texture. It helps in the growth of the hair protecting the hair from different hair problems and preserves the beauty of hair. Being light it can be applied an hour before you wash your head to make your hair soft and shiny. If you massage this oil regularly onto your scalp, it promotes hair growth.  This hair oil does not make any kind of tangling in the hair and leaves your hair soft and shiny after the bath.

Will I recommend this product?

With such added benefits and the good effects from this hair oil, this oil is recommended for the women who really do not want any greasiness. The softness and shine that you see in your hair will make you feel amazing. Buy without a second thought now.

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