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Ayurvedic Treatment in South Delhi | Review by Anmol

I had visited NuAyurveda’s clinic in Mumbai for a massage and loved their service. I was in Delhi for a project and I was looking to relax. So, I booked an appointment for their Abhyanga treatment at Ayurvedic clinic in South Delhi. What is Abhyanga? Actually, Abhyanga is said to be a self-massage technique which we can include in our daily routine.

It is a full body massage that results in providing complete relaxation and tranquillity. This massage must be conducted by a qualified practitioner for you to avail all its benefits. It can be done by one or two therapists depending on the individual and they use a special medicated Ayurvedic oil for this treatment. Usually, it lasts for an hour and helps reduce body aches, sleep disorders, improves skin condition, improves blood circulation, and promotes well-being.

Now, let’s talk about my experience at NuAyurveda Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi. My appointment was on a Friday evening around 6, but due to the traffic, I could not be on time. The location of the clinic is good, and you can find it easily. So, I reached by 6-30 and I had this feeling that probably my appointment had been canceled (they would have tried to reach me on my phone, but I was facing terrible network issues so can’t blame them). When I reached the premises, I explained the situation to the front office member.

She was a sweetheart, she was calm and patient, and her smile never wore out. She was quite understanding and asked me to wait for a few minutes. While I was waiting I checked out their reception area. The seating was comfortable, and they had placed soothing scented candles to add some flavor to their ambiance, which completely worked.

The whole place looked stylish and upscale, yet there were a warmth and a welcome feel to it. By 6.45, I was sent to meet my practitioner who asked me about my problems and my medical history. Once he was satisfied, I was sent for my abhyanga. My session lasted for about an hour. The oils they used had a pleasant smell to it, and it put me in a relaxing mode. My therapist was definitely experienced because it was one of the best abhyangas I have ever experienced. My whole month in Delhi went amazingly because of that wonderful Abhyanga massage.

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