Dhathri Hair Oil Review

Herbal hair Oils are usually preferred among the users for strengthening their hairs, the reason being they make the hair strong naturally without having any side effects to the hairs. With the same aim almost about 200 years ago, Dhathri came into existence. Parameswara Vaidyar who started with a small yet effective measure of Ayurveda to the consumers has grown to such big extent. Dhathri hair oil product imbibes traditional ayurveda with present research and technology. Being an Ayurvedic product, the effectiveness of the hair oil would differ from person to person and would even take more time than other hair oils to show some results.

Has the product lived up to expectations?

There has been mixed response to the Dhathri hair oil among the consumers. Dhathri hair oil is to be massaged into the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash. But it has been found that it may not necessarily be providing same results to each person. The main reason why people tend to use the hair oil is because it is herbal and made from ayurvedic products like Aloe Vera, Eclipta Alba, Brahmi, Amla etc. Due to the ingredients in the oil and its claim of no hair fall, people are attracted to try it for few times. But again the effectiveness depends from person to person.

Would I buy the Product?

Well, there is no harm in trying the product for a few months, as it is an herbal product. Smoothness and shininess is a result stated by many but the reviews on a public forum about the heavy hair loss after using it cause a big dilemma for me whether to try it or not.


As far as the packaging is concerned, customers have given full marks to it. The bottle comes with a cap opening making it much easier to take out oil in sufficient quantity. But there have been issues for some while travelling as the oil has been found leaking. There are a couple of hair oil variants having different packaging like Anti dandruff, herbal hair care oil etc in hair oil range which customers can choose accordingly as per their use.

Fragrance and effect

Being herbal oil, Dhathri has a natural fragrance which is quite attractive and soothing. The smell of Coconut is strong along with some other herbal flavours. Those who love natural flavours and smell they would instantly like the fragrance but those who are not used to or have used only artificial ingredients hair oil might not like it. The hair oil has been effective to an extent. Meaning it does make your scalp stronger but leaves residue behind even after washing thoroughly. As per some of the reviews, people have found that their hair fall has increased or there is no such effect on the hair at all.

Value for Money

 Priced decently, Dhathri hair oil does prove worthy when it comes to oiling your hairs with natural products and providing shine to it. Strengthening the roots is also what it does and so it does stand well with regards to value for money.

Consistency of the hair oil

Hair Oil based of herbal ingredients provides good consistency. In fact, many have stated that those who have done hair color and got rough hairs were able to achieve smooth hairs back with this hair oil. Texture is good as well but some of the reviews state that there was no change in the amount of white/gray hairs leading to no results.

Product Description

Dhathri hair oil comes majorly in Herbal hair care oil and Anti dandruff hair oil range. The herbal hair care oil bottle of 100 Ml is priced at Rs 235 while the anti dandruff hair oil is priced at Rs 150. The Herbal hair care plus hair oil is priced at Rs275 for 100 Ml and the daily hair oil is available at Rs 95. All the bottles have attractive packaging and the ingredients used are 100% pure and natural.

Pros of Dhathri Hair Oil

  • With good packaging and cap at the top, the bottle lets you get enough quantity at a time.
  • The hair oil provides shines and good texture to hair within few days.
  • Yes, there is hair loss relief to some extent in several cases.
  • The hair oil has a very pleasant fragrance containing all natural ingredients.
  • Affordable for people while using it daily.

Cons of Dhathri Hair Oil

  • It is not good to take the bottle while you are travelling as many have found it to be it to be leaking while travelling.
  • It is indirectly stated on the bottle that the hair oil is not good for people having sensitive skin and for babies.
  • If the person has major hair fall, it does not provide a drastic effect on it.
  • Availability of the product is restricted to South India as it is a local product of Kerela.

Tracker Review

People tend to go for natural products in today’s world over chemical based products. For the same reason, Dhathri hair oil is used by many. Owing to some of its side effects and no effects at all, there are negative reviews of the products as well but my final thoughts would say, try it for few times and if the oil does not suit you, you can switch to your regular hair oil.

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  1. which type of dhathri is best for hair growth n to stop premaure greying?….is it suitable for my 9 year old daughter?

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