Gatsby Hair Wax Review

Gatsby is a global brand producing hair care and face care products for men. Gatsby products are generally manufactured in Japan. The range of hair wax products from Gatsby are one of the most hyped products in the market but their effectiveness varies from person to person. The hair wax product range is available in a variety depending on possible styles and hair length of the customer.  The hair wax range from Gatsby has been in the market for about 10 years from now and has been able build decent reputation among the consumers. Apart from the hair wax products , Gatsby has also shaving products, fragrances and perfumes, body cleansers etc.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

The hair wax range from Gatsby has received mixed reviews from the consumer forum. Since the product involves action on the hair and indirectly the scalp of the person, the effect would definitely be different on different people. The primary point that has captured a major part of the reviews is the artificial product formula. Often the customers find the artificial formula of the hair wax risky to use anticipating of the incompatibility with scalp and hair and leading to further problems. People generally prefer to use natural products for their hair and the Gatsby Hair wax being completely artificial faces stiff competition from the natural products. Talking of the variants that the product comes in everyone can find a Gatsby Hair Wax depending on their hair type and the style they want. A big credit to Gatsby for introducing such a good variety of a single product. The fragrance of the product is mild and good.

Would I buy the product?

As far as my hair is concerned, I prefer to be cautious and would not just risk it by using artificial products especially when there are natural alternatives available as well.


 The product comes in an attractive packaging to attract the customers. As per the customer reviews, a packaging is one of the major factors that led the customers to buy the product. The product comes in a pack similar to a balm packaging with a turning cap on the top. The wider mouth of the packaging helps to easily get the product on hands and apply the same on hair smoothly. All the variants of the hair wax come in different colors of packaging.

Fragrance and Effect

 The fragrance that is common in the hair wax range of Gatsby is that of green apple. The scent is mild and gradually fades away if used in the right quantity. Some of the hair wax variants are also odorless. The hold of the wax weakens with the increase in the hair length. The wax holds good until 3 inches of hair length but may have issues beyond that length. However, there are separate variants of the wax for longer hair. As per the reviews, some users found graying in their hair after using the product. This might be due to the chemicals used in the wax. The holding power of the hair wax is great but the side effects like graying of hair, messy hair etc. prove the inefficiency of the product.

Value for Money

 The product is available at a decent pricing. If holding your hair strong is the primary aim of your buying the Gatsby Hair Wax then the product is priced suitably. However, if the possible side effects are to be considered then why should anyone pay for degrading the hair quality.

Consistency of the wax

 The consistency of the wax is suitable to give a strong hold to your hair for a long time like 6 hours. Even it helps to hold frizzy hair strongly as well. However, the consistency of the gel might prove to be too sticky sometimes. One needs to wash the hands definitely after applying the Gatsby Hair Wax. Some user reviews suggest that the stickiness of the Gatsby Hair Wax has led to the roughness in the hair after application.

Product Description

The product comes in a number of variants each with a different price. The major variants of the product include Mat and Hard, Super Hard, Extreme and firm etc. The Extreme and Firm variant is available at a price of Rs. 171 for a 75 grams pack. The mat and hard variant is available at a price of Rs. 400 for a 75 grams pack. One can also go for smaller packs. All these Gatsby Hair Wax products have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing. The ingredients of the product are chemicals and fragrances along with some colouring agents.

Pros of Gatsby Hair Wax

  • Global recognition of the product.
  • Strong hold of the hair when used in right quantities and for right hair length.
  • Attractive packaging and gives a shiny and wet look to the hair.

Cons of Gatsby Hair Wax

  • May leave the hair rough and dry.
  • Not a natural product with chemical ingredients.
  • Might be too sticky for some.
  • Might cause greying of hair.

Tracker Review

When people are choosing natural products over the artificial ones, the Gatsby Hair Wax is definitely going to face some stiff competition. But as of now, the Gatsby Hair Wax range is one of the most used products in the category world wide.

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