Hair For Sure Review

Hair Loss is faced by almost everyone nowadays and people tend to use several products to stop the hair loss. Hair fall occurs due to several reasons like lack of nutrients, dandruff or any other. This even leads to baldness. Baldness in Men is more common than in Women. To tackle the same issue, Hair For Sure was introduced by Athena Life Science. The main aim of this hair tonic is to stop the hair fall and regrow in several cases. Yes, the tonic may have different effects on different persons but it may not provide an Instant result. You have to actually apply it regularly for few months to obtain required results.

Has the product lived up to expectations?

Talking about the result expectation, Hair For Sure did prevent hair Loss in some cases but re-growth of hair has been seen in many few cases. Most of the people found very fine thin hairs coming after few months but they did not grow more than that. Hair for Sure consist ingredients like Glycerin, Glycol, Aqua, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Aloe barbadenis leaf juice and much more helping in making hair more stronger. Positive results were seen mostly among the persons having an initial stage of baldness. But some have complained of losing more hair after application or leaving the product midway after using. Again this can be because product effectiveness differs from person to person.

Would I buy the product?

Well, there is no harm in trying the product for a couple of months. If there are side effects or no results, would leave the product or else would continue using it. Overnight results are not possible so rushing to any conclusion before using would not be a great idea.


The Hair Tonic is packed in a White Plastic Bottle having a high neck and attractive shape. Also, the cap of the bottle is highly secured with 3 layers making it spill proof while on the go. There is a transparent nozzle for dispensing the tonic. This prevents from taking an excess of tonic making it last longer. It comes in a Blue Box having all the ingredients list and directions to use the hair oil.

Hair tonic usage

For usage, just turn it in anti clockwise direction and apply 4-8 ml of tonic on your scalp. Applying twice a day will provide required results. The first application on the hair is to be done after a bath and then apply before you go to your bed. Gentle massage is recommended and this way people have got the claimed results. Breaking the usage chain or taking it in low or excess quantity may not lead you to desired results.

Fragrance and effectiveness

There is a strong smell when you open the cap of the bottle and apply. In Initial applications, you might feel the smell to your nostrils but afterward, you would be adjustable to that smell and it won’t matter anymore. Some of the persons have felt a tingling sensation after application and some even had noticed scalp skin coming out after using the tonic. Some of the reviews state that they had hair fall at a certain phase but continue application in and post that phase helped in restriction of hair loss and re-growth of hairs.

Value for Money

Considering the effect claimed by the company after using the product, the price of the hair tonic is not too expensive. In fact, it is fairly priced and those wanting to rebuild their hairs and repair the scalp, the product is very worthy.

Product description

The Hair for Sure Tonic comes in 150 Ml packaging priced at around Rs 650-700. There is another Hair For Sure 3 months Regime tonic priced at Rs 1700 which needs to apply regularly for 3 months. The Rutexil Complex helps in activating the hair follicles leading to hair growth. One bottle of 150 ml lasts almost 12-13 days after 2-time application daily.

The product is easily available at retail stores and if you want, can order online as well from Amazon, Flipkart or eBay.

Pros of Hair For Sure

  • The high-quality Plastic Bottle has an attractive packaging.
  • Several reviews suggest less hair fall after application of Hair For Sure Tonic.
  • The smell of the hair Tonic is quite Nice and strong.
  • It is completely safe product to use and have found usually positive results.

Cons of Hair For Sure

  • There is no drastic change in the hair or where baldness is there.
  • There is a tickling sensation after application and some of the users have complained of itchiness as well.
  • Leaving the usage midway had resulted into more hair loss in certain cases.

Tracker Review

Worrying about hair fall and doing nothing is not any solution. There are various hair-growing oils. Shampoos and tonics available one of which is Hair For Sure. Yes, there has not been all positive reviews about it but it has no side effects to skin or hair after application as well. The best results are seen on the people having early stages of baldness or hair loss. After a couple of months, hair loss tends to slow down so expecting an overnight result from this product is a big no. Do try using it for few months and then decide accordingly.

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