Indulekha Hair Oil Review

Many of you might have seen an advertisement of the Indulekha Hair Oil bottle claiming to stop hair fall and marketed as a medicine of Ayurveda for hair growth. Hair Fall is a very common problem now among men and women and so expectations from this oil being herbal oil is more as compared to regular ones. The hair oil is trusted by thousands of people owning to its 100% natural ingredients used in making of the oil. But the hair oil has not proved great for many owning to different hair types. Applying it regularly for a couple of months would provide you with some results.

Has the product lived up to expectations?

As per company claims, the product prevents hair falls, grows hair and helps in stopping premature graying. All of these are not possible in one or two applications. So for natural and 100% results, one might have to apply it for few months and then come to conclusion. Going through users’ reviews, there have been several instances of no results and several instances had great results. Overall, mixed reviews have got the Indulekha Hair Oil. Price has been a concern for money but the self-help bottle attached to the app f the bottle seems quite an effective way for the application of oil. For persons having Mild to Moderate hair fall, Indulekha would seem to be great but for people having massive hair fall, it might not work wonders.

Would I buy the Product?

Going by the reviews, trying it would not be a bad option. If the product would provide any positive results to my hair, would definitely continue using it else would not. Again the effect may vary from person to person so generalizing from one person’s review would not be a great idea.


Indulekha Hair Oil comes in quite a unique packaging with a Selfie Bottle. Yes, it has a unique feature where the cap of the oil bottle has wide 10 needles letting you apply the hair oil to the scalp distributing evenly. This would tend to not lose a single drop of oil. It has been noted that the selfie bottle has attracted many users and it has been one of the strongest reason for using the hair oil by people.

Hair consistency

Talking about the hair consistency then several people have seen results in first week itself. Some of the reviews state major hair loss after the application. But people have claimed to obtain shiner and smooth hair after using the oil. The dryness of the hairs has been solved in several cases too. The hair texture does become good after using the oil but again it may vary from person to person.


The hair oil is dark brown in color owing to all herbal ingredients. The smell of the oil is not very pleasant because of all natural ingredients used. It is not that bad smell as well but it is quite strong. But those who like the smell of the herbs would definitely like its fragrance. After initial applications, you would be used to the smell and it won’t affect you afterward.

Value for Money

The major concern for Indulekha Hair Oil is its pricing. Stating it to be an herbal oil it would be costly than regular oils but it is way more pricey than other Ayurvedic oils as well. If a price is your major concern, Indulekha would not be a right choice for you. If you are ready to pay money to curb your hair loss then Indulekha hair oil serves the purpose.

Product description

Indulekha Hair oil is a 100% pure product owing to the herbs used in it like Bringha, Kumari, Amrita, Nimba, Brahmi etc. The 100 Ml bottle is priced at Rs 432 and can be obtained at a discounted price online from Amazon or Flipkart. Applying twice a week lets you use the hair oil almost 7-8 times in a month. The shelf Life of the bottle is 2 years from the date of packaging.

Pros of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • 100% natural hair Oil
  • The Self Help Bottle lets you dispense oil easily and effectively on your scalp.
  • The hair texture becomes good and shines after using it.
  • Combats hair loss and makes them  stronger.
  • Not very difficult to wash off while shampooing.

Cons of Indulekha Hair Oil

  • Too expensive hair oil.
  • The strong herbal oil smell is not liked by many.
  • No drastic results are seen in any of the cases.

Tracker Review

If asked upon whether I would try considering the hair Oil, my answer would be Yes. Also if a price is not your concern then trying Indulekha hair Oil is not a bad option. It might bring you changes but do not expect miracles to happen. Having proper diet along with hair oil will let you maintain your hair properly.

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