Kesh King Roop Mantra Cream Review

The cream is the latest competitor in the beauty products range and is a surprise for all the nature lovers due to the natural ingredients it is packed with. Although the product is new in the market, the company has made use of its extensive advertising campaigns that has helped the product escalate to crest of success. The company has inculcated the extensive used of ayurvedic or natural products among the consumers since most of the products under the name of the company contain natural ingredients only. This is the primary reason apart from the marketing campaign that has helped this Roop Mantra Cream to the current position.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

The cream had promised of lightening the skin tone and not brightening it. It does fulfil its claims but had it also helped in brightening the skin tone, it would have been a great product. The natural ingredients used in the product have almost nil side effects. In this moment where chemical beauty products with potential skin threats are widely being circulated in the market, Roop Mantra Cream is a good natural alternative. There are some reviews from the users who complain that the cream does not go well with the face wash that they regularly use or any additional beauty products and results in pimples and some reviews suggest that the product is too strong for the skin. Yet people are using the product on a regular basis.

Would I buy the product?

If I need to maintain my skin tone and make it just a few tones lighter, I would go for it. I also need to be sure that I am not allergic to any of the ingredients that are used in the cream as well. If I want significant results this cream is a big no.

Skin Type

The reviews from the users suggest that the cream works well for the people with oily skins only. Thus if one is having dry skin, the cream may not live up to the expectations or even cause further harm to it by making it stretchy and causing white spots. This also means that the cream cannot be used in the winters as well when the skin primarily remains dry. The oiliness on the skin helps the cream to get absorbed into the screen easily.

Expected Outcomes

if you are looking for a bright skin, this is just not the product for you. Of course the Roop Mantra Cream will make you fairer but the magnitude would be less. As promised, the cream works towards lightening the skin tone and just not brighten it. The cream is great if you want to get rid of spots, marks, acne, pimples etc. in that section the cream has done pretty good as suggested by the reviews from users.

Value for Money

The product offers high value for the decent amount it is priced at. The market has been witnessing significant rise in the prices of beauty products especially the natural ones. But the Roop Mantra Cream provides the essence of nature at a lower price which is the best part about the product. It is also rare to find all natural ingredients in a product as one finds in the Roop Mantra Cream.

Compatibility with additional beauty products

As suggested by the reviews from a number of users, the cream does not go well with additional products used for beautification purposes like face wash. This would be a problem in case of winters where the need of using a moisturizer along with the cream itself is high. In some cases the users complain of getting more pimples on their face when they use their regular beauty products with Roop Mantra Cream. Moreover if the compatibility of the cream is not tested with other beauty products, it may cause harm to the face as well. In such cases if one is using additional beauty products, she should refrain from using the cream or vice versa.

Product Description

The Roop Mantra Cream is available at a decent price of Rs 87 for a pack of 30 grams net weight. The packaging is decent and the cream is light pink in colour with a thick texture. The plus point of the product is the natural ingredients it is made of which includes Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Haldi, Mulethi, Lemon, Apple, Neem, Sandal and the love from nature. The product is a great investment for all those who aim at enhancing their beauty in a natural way.

Pros of Kesh King Roop Mantra Cream 

  • Affordable and easily available in the market
  • Natural ingredients leading to almost zero side effects
  • Oily skin compatibility

Cons of Kesh King Roop Mantra Cream

  • Not suitable for dry skin
  • The user may be allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Just few tones lighter skin
  • Not compatible with additional beauty products

Tracker Review

The product is great if someone wishes to maintain the beauty of his skin and not enhance it. While using the product necessary instructions should be followed for better results and usage of additional beauty products should be avoided. Roop Mantra Cream is a good product overall with decent results.

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