Lakme Skin Whitening Serum Review

When one thinks of cosmetics in Indian market, Lakme is a brand name that definitely strikes the head. Lakme has filled the Indian markets with a variety of beauty and personal care products. While some of the products have fetched praises, some others have fetched severe criticism for the brand. Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is one such product from the house of Lakme. The product promises of glowing and radiant skin after using it daily. The product is an addition to the already existent perfect radiance series of products of Lakme.

Has the product lived up to the expectations?

The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum has micro crystals and some vitamins that help in brightening the skin. The additional ingredients of the serum help in nourishing the skin and giving a charming look to the face. Most of the user reviews suggest that although the effects of the cream is significant, it is just temporary. The serum promises to help the users get a whiter tone of skin. But it does not actually work for that. Yes it makes the skin a few tones lighter and results in a glowing skin, but this effect is temporary. Again, the product has to be strictly used on a regular basis. If one fails to use the Lakme Skin Whitening Serum for a few days, then the results might vary. It is definitely a tough job to use the serum regularly because it i priced on the higher end. Apart from these, the product has performed very well. The product is suitable for almost all skin types and is a great summer partner as has been suggested by many user reviews.

Would I buy the product?

Yes I would. Keeping in mind the amount that needs to be used regularly, the pricing of the product is okay since a single pack can go on for months. Also, the user reviews are in support of the results of the serum.


 Packaging is one of the departments that Lakme has gained dexterity at. Choosing the right kind of packaging to attract the customers has been one of the tricks of all the cosmetic brands including Lakme. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum comes in a bottle pack that is sleek with a silver coloured pump dispenser on the top. Operation of the pump dispenser is smooth and hassle free. With every push, the dispenser gives out just the right amount of serum for the user. The sleek packaging helps the users to carry the pack around in their handbags easily.

Texture and appearance

The serum is extremely light on skin. It is so light that the initial impressions of the users would suggest negative results. But the serum works wonders. The serum starts working right from the first week of use. The good part of the cream is that it is great for people with dry skin and keeps the skin hydrated. A moisturizer can also be used with the serum if necessary. The serum acts a great base for the effectiveness of a BB Cream.

Effects of using the cream

 Most of the user reviews suggest that using the ream on a regular basis has made their skin soft. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum helps in the effective functioning of other creams and products. The serum brightens the skin by a few tones and also acts on the dark spots. Using the serum makes the skin of the user more lively and vibrant.

Value for Money

 The initial impressions of the knowledge about the price of the cream might be bad since the price may seem to be very high. Yes it is on the higher end but when the daily usage amount of the serum is taken into consideration, the pack runs at least for a couple of months. Thus we can say that the pricing of the Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is suitable when the effects that it produces on the skin of the user are taken into consideration.

Product description

The primary ingredients of the Lakme Skin Whitening Serum include Propylene Glycol, Potassium Chloride, Glycerin, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Mica etc. apart from the fragrances. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is available at a price of Rs. 850 for a 30 grams pack. The shelf life of the product is 24 months from the date of manufacturing. It is advisable that the product should be stored in a cold and dry place.

Pros of Lakme Skin Whitening Serum

  • Light texture and quick absorption into the skin.
  • Mild and sweet fragrance.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Brightens the skin to a few tones.

Cons of Lakme Skin Whitening Serum

  • Sillicone content.
  • Not so significant whitening effect.
  • Not effective on heavy marks.

Tracker Review

The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum is one of the most efficient products under Lakme as is suggested by the user reviews. The Lakme Skin Whitening Serum can be used before applying any other product since it serves as a great base for other creams.

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