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Brief – how old is Richfeel and how strong is Richfeel brand ?

It has been 30 years since Richfeel came into existence for treating people with hair problems. Although Richfeel has received mixed reviews from the consumer forums, testimonies stand as the supporter of how efficient the treatment really is. The Richfeel Clinic manufacture their own medicines, shampoos, creams and other products in Himachal Pradesh and these products have been tested to provide significant results among the users. Currently Richfeel has its clinics and treatment centers in 29 cities including one of the best at Indira Nagar, Bangalore.

Does Richfeel service matches the hype ?

Hair Loss is generally associated with hormonal or DNA problems which requires intensive treatment for recovery. Several speciality clinics have grown up to take up this challenge and have been helping people gain their hair. Richfeel is one such clinic which has been effective in making the dreams of a number of hair fall patients come true. However the effectiveness of the treatment procedures vary from person to person. The patients who have been treated at Indira Nagar Clinic of Richfeel have given mixed reviews but a majority of them seem to be in favor of Richfeel. Testimonials suggest how Richfeel has helped people with hair fall problems gain back their hair. Reviews suggest that people were highly impressed by the professional approach of the experts at the Richfeel Indira Nagar Clinic and the medicines and treatment procedures that they were prescribed by them had a dramatic impact on their hair fall problems and resulted in an overall betterment.

Should I go for treatment at Richfeel Indira Nagar Clinic?

If you have already decided to get your hair treated in a clinic then Richfeel Indira Nagar is really a great option.

Value for Money

All of the Richfeel products and hair treatments are priced high and cannot be afforded by all. The guarantee papers that the customer needs to sign before taking the treatment puts a question mark on the justification to pay such a huge price when there is no guarantee of effectiveness of the treatment. One must know that in most of the cases the effects of these treatment procedures do not last long or at least not as long as lifetime. So it does not provide great value for money.

Qualifications of the experts 

As per the reviews from a number of treatment receivers, the experts who provide treatment at the Indira Nagar Branch of Richfeel, they have a professional approach towards treating the patients. The medicines and shampoos or creams that these experts prescribe to the patients have resulted fabulous results in most of the patients. However no revelations have been made regarding the qualifications of the experts who provide the treatment. Going by the testimonials provided by the patients who have been treated at the clinic, the experts have been doing a really great job, here at Indira Nagar.

Efficiency of the products 

The hair conditioners, shampoo, jaborandi hair oil, creams, scalp cleanser or medicines that have been prescribed by the experts to the hair fall patients have been proved to produce significant results. But this does not guarantee the results in the future. This means that the lasting of the effects of using these products has not yet been tested. Generally these do not provide any permanent solutions to hair loss and the initially significant effects tend to wither away gradually as time passes. In some reviews, it is evident that the products do not work at all on some patients. Thus the effectiveness of the products vary from person to person.

Variety in treatments and products

At indira nagar clinic, the patients are provided with a variety of hair treatment services for several problems. All these treatment procedures are available for the patients at different prices. Most of these treatment costs are put on discount offers to attract people. A patient who has subscribed to a consultation plan at the Indira Nagar branch can also visit the other branches for hair treatment

Service Description

The treatment for several hair fall problems are also provided at exciting finance options with a down payment of just 1 rupee. The regular use products from Richfeel like shampoo, hair conditioner are also available on several ecommerce sites at great prices. The products are priced a bit higher than the normal products. The shelf life of the hair care products generally varies from 2 to 3 years from the date of manufacture depending on the product.

Pros of service provided by Richfeel Indira Nagar, Bangalore

  • Wide variety of treatment procedures for all types of hair problems
  • Expert treatment personnel
  • Attractive finance schemes for the service takers
  • Easy availability of the hair care products

Cons of service provided by Richfeel Indira Nagar, Bangalore

  • The hair transplant and hair treatment cost is high.
  • No guarantee on the results
  • May have side effects

Tracker Review

The Richfeel Clinic situated at Indira Nagar has been providing great treatment to all the hair fall patients and the outcomes are noteworthy. If one is ready to pay a high price to get a significant solution to his hair fall problem, then Richfeel Indira Nagar is really a great option for you. However you should also know that most of the outcomes are generally temporary and not lifelong

2 Replies to “Richfeel Review – Indira Nagar , Bangalore Clinic”

  1. I was referred to richfeel by my cousin who had taken their service in Lajpat nagar clinic delhi. i have used a total of two richfeel products and one of them was jaborandi hair oil. in my case the treatment turned out to be effective. the treatment is worth the costs

  2. I have been a long term client of Richfeel Indira Nagar Clinic. The doctors are very helpful and supportive. I frequently buy their products. Once I was not happy with one of their hair oil and I told the doctor about it and he immediately refunded my money and offered me trial pack of a different medicated hair oil. I am really satisfied with the level of service they provide.

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