Richfeel Reviews : Does Richfeel hair treatment work ?

You may have come across a number of ads from Richfeel claiming complete hair fall solutions, and while it may seem tempting to try them out for yourself, it is important to do your bit of research. In this article we have compiled first hand customer experiences and reviews on Richfeel’s hair transplant treatments?

Hence, YOU-Tracker team conducted in-person interview of customers and compiled feedback on Richfeel which are some of the first hand customer reviews that have been compiled from various social media platforms and customer review websites. So, go ahead and make an informed decision for yourself.

Review by Matre V

Hair fall and hair thinning was one of the major concerns that I was facing. Unfortunately, when it comes to hair problems we don’t associate it as a health issue and start trying out various home remedies, which is exactly what I did. But, when the situation only began to worsen with no respite, I started to lose my sleep over my losing hair. After much reluctance, I went to a Richfeel Trichology centre; which perhaps was my best decision. They took me through my problem in a scientific manner and recommended the Richfeel’s anagrow treatment, which worked. After regular treatment, I am beginning to see my hair volume come back, which is certainly a huge relief, thanks to Richfeel”.

Review by Mamta Malkar, Mumbai

“I have been an easy prey to hair care products and while some of them did deliver there are a few that were truly disappointing. Richfeel for instance was one of my worst decisions that left me rather frustrated. All though my hair loss was due to stress, the staff at Richfeel made it appear like it was a big deal and the solution after the treatment was rather disappointing. Not only did it have no effect on my hair loss, it also costed me a bomb.”

Review by user Deepshika J, Mumbai

“I have been a victim of hair fall and for a long time kept convincing myself it is the water or the weather. So I would spend hours before my computer googling out various home remedies and diligently tried some out too. I soon began my extensive search on Richfeel and came across several blogs talking about their revolutionary treatments that were based on natural ingredients. So, without much thought I planned my appointment and visited one of their Trichology clinics. At Richfeel they charted out a systematic plan for me which made sense. I followed all their instructions t and yes, today i am at much peace with my hair which has got back its volume with minimal hair fall. So, yes Richfeel’s anagrow treatment is a must recommend for all those battling with hair fall and thinning issues.”

Review by user Mukul Jethiwal, Sikar

“Hair fall is certainly a concerning issue that most of us face these days. After going though several websites on the internet and reading a number of reviews, i decided to try Richfeel as a solution to my hair fall problem. I have to say the entire process was not only a waste of time but also very expensive. It had no impact on my hair fall problem and the baldness that was covered looked very artificial. Overall I don’t think i am going to recommend this treatment to anyone.

Review by Kanchan Sharma

“I have been healed by Richfeel. After reading various reviews of Richfeel products, I decided to try it out for myself. I visited their branch at Banjara hills, and must say I was impressed with the technology and analysis used to address my hair fall issue. While the results were not almost immediate, they certainly worked and I look much younger and feel far more confident after taking on their treatment.”

You may want to see a recorded review of Arpita Ghosh, a Richfeel Customer ->

Here is what you should know Before Opting for a Treatment!

Hair fall is a very common issue and can occur due to various factors. Right from the changes in weather, to nutritional deficiencies in the body the reasons can be many and your treatment from any doctor is likely to depend upon your answers to the below.

  • Is your hair fall a continuous problem or only occurs during a certain period?
  • How likely you to follow a treatment plan as are recommended, since it requires both time and efforts?
  • Do you think you can invest the money for the treatment and the follow ups?
  • Is hair loss and baldness a genetic problem in your family?

These are some of the questions that the doctor will ask you in your first visit, so better be prepared from your end. Also, it is important to know that the treatment is not a onetime affair and does require follow-ups and care for it to show appropriate results. It may also require a few lifestyle changes that may be permanent.

Richfeel’s Anagrow Treatment: Learn More!

Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment is an advanced and revolutionary treatment that primarily aims at addressing hair fall and hair thinning issues using natural ingredients. The entire treatment involves three steps: Detox, Rejuvenating and Vaculase. It uses stem cells and extracts from natural ingredients like apple, argan and pea plant to reduce hair thinning and hair fall. Richfeel also uses an advanced technique known as transdermal hair follicular penetrating machine which causes the medicine to penetrate deep into the hair follicles thereby reducing hair fall by 56% and there after increasing the hair growth.

Richfeel Anagrow Hair Treatment User Reviews:

Here are some of the authentic reviews that have been collated online to help you decide whether or not Anagrow treatment from Richfeel maybe your answer to hair woes.

Akshay, Mumbai

“I have been battling hair thinning for many years now, which was primarily triggered due to my PCOD problem that aggravated with time. So I visited a Richfeel Trichology centre after much reluctance, and soon discovered that apart from PCOD, my body also lacked certain nutrients which had to be replenished soon. I started out on the Anagrow treatment along with multi vitamins recommended by their treating doctor, and the results today speak for themselves. Long hair full of volume is what I flaunt today, thanks to Richfeel.”

Rohit Prakashan

“I opted for the Richfeel’s Anagrow treatment at their Bangalore branch, and i not only felt disappointed at the end of my treatment but also felt misguided by the doctors and consultants. After paying a hefty amount for the treatment, and getting the hair transplant surgery done, I was not given adequate appointments for follow ups. Besides i was not even given proper directions on the precautions that i have to take post the surgery. Overall a very disappointing experience.

Shailaja, Bangalore

“I opted for the Richfeel’s anagram treatment after the scans at a Richfeel clinic pointed out that my hair fall and scalp infections were getting the better off me. However, much to my disappointment, it is not like their treatment had any huge impact in resolving my hair fall issues. Not only is the treatment expensive, it also needs a lot of maintenance which obviously becomes tough considering our everyday busy schedules.”

Do We Recommend the Anagrow Treatment?

We all understand that hair is one of the key factors that make you look beautiful. Whether it is men or women, losing hair can be a nightmare for both. So, if you have tried natural home remedies and are still battling hair fall, then visiting a trichologist like Richfeel, shouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. The good part is they have various treatments that are recommended for various health issues, so go ahead and understand what suits you the best.

Before going ahead with the treatment, think well and look up various online sources for reviews and more details about the program. Also you may read reviews on specific clinics (such as Mulund Mumbai Clinic, Rohini Delhi Clinic or Indira Nagar Banglore Clinic) based on research reports prepared by our in-house researchers. Be prepared, there is a cost involved in this treatment which will be way above the bottle of oil you have been opting for so far. With their age old trust and credibility, it may certainly be worthwhile to consider investing with a reliable trichologist. We just feel one should not have to ‘live with hair fall’, when treatment options are available. However, don’t go by what we say, try it out for yourself.

38 Replies to “Richfeel Reviews : Does Richfeel hair treatment work ?”

  1. My mother was suffering from a serious hairfall problem and she was not getting a proper solution for that. Then one of our family friend suggested us about the richfeel. We took appointment there and the moment we visited there and I was really surprised. The staff was really supportive there and all the doctors there are really friendly. Now there is a lot of improvement in her hairfall related problems. I will really recommend you to visit Richfeel if you are the one who is suffering from the same problem.

  2. Than you so much Richfeel for providing the best treatment for my hairfall problem. Doctor there really understood my problem and gave me a solution according to that.

  3. From last month i am having treatment at richfeel and i also bought various diffrent products from there and using that since then. I must say there is not even a 1% improvement in my hairs condition. It is such a waste of money

  4. I was suffering from hair thinning problem from last few months. Then I read about richfeel treatment at their social media page. So I decided to visit there. It’s been 3 months since I am having treatment there and I have bought all the products which were suggested by them which are very costly. I must say all the products which are suggested by them are not at all effective and the products are waste of money.

  5. I was suffering from hairfall problem. I heard name of richfeel from lot of people. They really were saying alot of good things for richfeel. But with me it happen totally opposite I dont know why It’s been 4 months I am having treatment there but there is no enhancement in my hair condition. I have wasted my huge amount of money.

  6. The doctors at richfeel are really friendly and helpful. They give personal attention to all the patients. I must say i have never seen such staff of doctors at any other clinic.

  7. In my early college days i really loved to colour my hairs alot. I did that many a times. But at that time i never knowed that it will create so many problems for my hair in future. My hairs started getting thinner day by day. After considering so may clinics for my hair treatment. I thought to try richfeel. After that there was no looking back the condition of my hair improved alot. Thanks to Richfeel. I will never regret that i select richfeel for my hair treatment.

  8. Last month when i was having my hair cut My barber told me that my dandruff is increasing day by day alot. That was moment when i started taking it seriously. He suggested me to have a treatment for that as no other product will help. It’s been 3 weeks since i am using products suggested by them I must say there is a little bit improvement in my dandruff problem.

  9. Since my early Teen age days I was suffering from hairfall and dandruff problem and I never found any perfect solution for that. Then one day I came to know about richfeel and decided to go for a treatment there, and to be honest I am not at all disappointed by my treatment. There is a lot of improvement in my hair related problems. All thanks to Richfeel.

  10. Huge Thanks to richfeel for providing me best treatment for hair thinning problem. After having treatment at richfeel i really can suggest anybody who is having the same problem.

  11. many of my friends asked me ” does richfeel treatment work ? ” or ” is it really effective ? ” well the answer is not always a simple yer or no but rather it depends on the efforts taken by patient as well. i took lots of care of my hair and timely took all the medications, hair oil and shampoo prescribed by Richfeel doctors. it has started to show results now and i am content with the result. i wish the costs were low.

  12. The service at Richfeel is really good especially sadashivnagar banglore clinic. Due to hair thinning problem I had taken anagrow treatment. Within 2 months I started to see result and resulted into strong and thick hair. The doctors are very helpful but sometimes the nurses are under work pressure. Rest if I had to recommend sadashivnagar clinic in Banglore, I would definitely.

  13. I have been hearing about Richfeel since last 4 years and it has grown like anything. Now its a very strong brand especially among people who experienced its services. I had purchased the anagrow treatment about 2 years ago and now i am fully satisfied. Many of my friends ask if its worth the price and in my opinion yes its worth the price

  14. arpita gosh lives next to my house. she has changed completely after going through the anagrow treatment at richfeel. I am also panning to go for anagrow hair treatment. i have heard the cost is high at richfeel but its worth. has anyone tried the scalp cleanser product from richfeel ?

  15. I had been at Richfeel’s vashi clinic. I got my hair transplanted about 2 years back. The hair transplant was successful and I am really thankful to Richfeel. The trichologists at richfeel are quite knowledgable and helping.

  16. richfeel products are just hype. many people have told me that richfeel is best clinic in India and they have the best doctors and trichologists. but my experience was not satisfactory. I had undergone hair fall control treatment but my hair still fall frequently.

  17. Richfeel’s products are great. I have been using its jaborandi hair oil for many years now. Hair fall issue has reduced a lot for me now. I have seen Richfeel has opened up spa service as well. I would like to try that

  18. Hi my name is Dipti and I work as a business development agent. My job needs me to travel within the city each day to meet clients. Recently I had noticed that my hair had become very dry. I usually take a good care of my hair with regular oiling and conditioning. But, still my hair was lacking the lustre I had initially. I went to meet the experts at Richfeel to get solution for my problem. The doctors said that my lifestyle could be contributing to the hair problem. And, my hair needs more nourishment. I was suggested to go for TST treatment which in simpler terms is called facial for hair. This made things very clear to me. I took 12 sitting of TST in three months. The therapy involved special massage, scalp stimulation and application of some special hair products to nourish my hair. I have completely switched to the shampoos given by Richfeel and I am so happy with results of treatments as well as products.

  19. I had started losing hair in my late 20s itself. Back then I did not realize that baldness can impact my self-confidence so much. As I took up a job and entered the corporate world I started feeling embarrassed about my bald head. That is when I decided to go for hair transplant at Richfeel. My surgery was very successful and I got hair growth in about 6 months. Now I am very confident as I am not embarrassed about my looks at all.

  20. Richfeel, thanks for helping me overcome my stress I was suffering due to hair loss. I am in my mid 30’s and work in corporate office. Every time someone made comment on my baldness, it made me very upset. I was looking for a permanent solution to baldness. When I met the trichologists at Richfeel, i was given hope and assurance. The doctors suggested that at this stage, hair transplant was my only solution. I decided to go for it. The surgery was not complicated at all and it just left some small I injuries. I was back to routine in 2 days. Doctors explained that I can see a hair growth after 6 to 8 months. It’s been a year I have had the transplant and I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

    I Adinath Rao patient of Richfeel Bannerghatta clinic from 2017.
    she guided me very well because of her now i m feeling good my scalp issue almost cure feeling happy and confident
    thank you Richfeel Trichology for treatment

  22. I had a bike accident 3 years ago and had multiple injuries on my head. The surgeries on my head had left a few scars and hair in that area was also becoming thinner. The scars were easily visible and I was not happy about it. I went to Richfeel hair clinic and met the doctors there. The doctor suggested that Anacover treatment can make the hair above the scar look denser and totally cover it. The treatment sounded much simpler using a pigment on my scalp. I agreed and underwent 2-3 sessions for my treatment. Now my hair overall looks darker and thicker. The scars are totally hidden beneath my hair. I am happy with the treatment.

  23. My hair was getting thinner and scantier exposing my scalp. This was such an embarrassing problem. I used to hide by wearing broad hair brand because the scalp was mainly visible at the front side near the hair partition. I wanted to solve my problem permanently and so went to Richfeel to seek help. The trichologist analysed my hair and scalp condition and suggested that I should go for anacover. It’s a hair treatment that injects a pigment using special roller so that the hair looks darker and thicker. I saw the result immediately after my treatment. My hair looked denser and I was very happy to see that it covered the scalp completely.

  24. You can actually regrow your own hair! I could not believe this. I was so frustrated hiding my baldness under the cap until I discovered hair transplant. It really worked for me. The surgery was performed by very skilled professionals at Richfeel and I am so satisfied with their services. As assured I have seen hair growth at the bald patches. My hair is growing back and this makes me so confident.

  25. Thanks to Richfeel, I got my confidence back. I had lost my self-esteem and confidence along with my hair. I had given up on my hair condition until I discovered a treatment at Richfeel. During consultation, doctor at Richfeel told me that, you can try hair transplant to regrow hair in the front side where there is bald patch. I underwent FUE transplant. The doctors did their job very skilfully and it was a successful procedure. Now I have hair in front and not worried about hiding the bald patches anymore. I am satisfied with the treatment at Richfeel.

  26. Hi my name is Kanchan Buchani. I took cool ice cube laser hair removal treatment from bandra clinic. They suggest me all precautions that i need take care after treatment. Normally i was doing waxing for hair removal but this cool ice cube treatment is much better than waxing and bleaching.

  27. I appreciate the polite nature of all the staff at Richfeel Centre at Mulund, Mumbai. I am in my 60s, a retired government employee. Facing baldness being a woman is quite depressing. And, I have suffered from it for some time now. I had started losing a lot of hair after my menopause. So, I went to see hair specialist at Richfeel clinic. The clinic appeared very modern with young and energetic staff. I assumed that this young generation may not treat me well but all of them were extremely polite. The doctor answered every question I had although it was repetitive . They made me feel very comfortable. I am yet to begin my treatment but in the first consultation itself I got a very good vibe.
    Nirmala Kulkarni, 63 years, Mumbai

  28. Scalp coverage treatment is good –
    My hair problem was different than the common ones. I visited Richfeel to get treatment for visible scalp. For ages I have been wearing my hair in one style only. I have had my hair partition on same side for years. Now in my 30s I realized that hair was a being pulled making the scalp visible. This kind of made me look bald on front side. Although it was not something serious, it looked very unpleasant and embarrassing. I always felt that people stare at the scalp and may also consider me as a bald woman. When I visited Richfeel the doctor did scalp analysis and also examined my hair. The doctor suggested I go for Anacover, a simple treatment to cover scalp. During my treatment, they simply injected a special dye in the scalp with the help of a roller. The results were seen immediately. The hair looked thicker and darker giving me dense hair line.

  29. Get you own hair back

    I had a hair transplant surgery at Richfeel centre in Mumbai. It has almost been a year and I am so happy to see my own hair again on my head. I had given up hope after I lost most of my hair by the time I reached my late 30s. I then read about less invasive hair transplant surgery at Richfeel. After my surgery there was no visible scar and I was able to do my routine activities almost immediately. After about 8 months I had hair re-growth. Now my hairline looks full. I have my natural hair back on my head. The best part is I can style it or dye it. So, this is the best feeling to have your hair back after you have been bald for a while.

  30. Best laser hair removal experience –
    I am a working woman living in Mumbai. I work in the glamour industry where grooming is most important. Everyone is up to date with clothes, make-up and hair. I have a hectic schedule and so have no time for salon visits on regular basis. I went to Richfeel for permanent underarm hair removal. I have had a laser hair removal treatment at a well-known salon in Mumbai. From my previous experience I can say that laser hair removal treatment at Richfeel is much more advanced. It was very comfortable and quick. I did not have much redness and pain after the treatment. I can say that this treatment is perfect for women with sensitive skin. The outcome of the treatment is positive too. I do not have any hair growth now and I don’t have to visit the salon for regular waxing. Totally recommended!

  31. Best treatment for thin hair –
    Hair loss can be quite an embarrassing especially when you are a woman in 30s and have a visible scalp. I have had a hormonal disorder and as a result had gained a lot of weight and also lost lot of hair. I had started looking much older than my age due to hair loss. My hair was so scanty from the front side that the scalp was exposed. I tried several ways to style my hair so that the scalp gets covered but nothing helped. Finally I decided to seek help and so went to Richfeel. In the first consultation itself the doctor told me that they do have a very effective treatment for hair thinning in females. Hormonal problem is the major cause of hair loss in women and treatments like Anagrow give wonderful results. I was recommended 18 sittings of this treatment spread over a year. The treatment used a special product made from apple stem cells which help to nourish the hair follicles and make the hair stronger. I had a very successful treatment and my hair got denser. The scalp was totally covered by healthy hair. People started noticing the difference and even complimented on my hair quality. I am very happy with the outcome of Anagrow treatment.

  32. Hair wig that look so natural –
    My name is Satish Pednekar and I am a 46 years old. I had started losing hair when I entered my 30s. By the time i was 40 years old I became completely bald. I did not have any hair left on my head so hair transplant was not an option. Hair transplant is also a costly affair and I could not have afforded it too. I was known as a bald fellow. Kids would call me bald uncle. I laughed it off most of the times, but inside I was feeling very depressed. My wife suggested that I should try wigs and so I started wearing one. But that surely looked artificial and did not boost my confidence. I however continued wearing wigs although I was not very comfortable. Recently I read about innovative hair system by Richfeel. I decided to try one as I was anyways wearing a wig. After I received my tailor made wig I realised that it was very comfortable on the scalp. The hair looked very natural too. The best part is I can change the style too. This is the best thing about hair wigs by Richfeel. I will recommend trying hair wigs to people who cannot afford transplant and yet want natural looking hair on their head.

  33. Gets thicker and darker hair in minutes with hair thickening fibers –
    I have scanty hair on the front side of my head. The hair partition has also widened a bit and that kind of exposes the scalp. I was looking for some easy solution to this problem. And, I found the right solution at Richfeel. They offer a special hair thickening fiber that colours hair temporarily. All you need to do it just sprinkle the fibres on hair and get thicker and fuller hair immediately. I liked this idea. Another best thing is these fibres are available in four different shades and so you can easily pick the shade that is matching with your hair. I like this product a lot as it helps me camouflage the visible scalp.

  34. Hi I am Natasha from Chennai and i like to follow the fashion trends. Being a part of corporate paying attention to your looks is must nowdays. I have coloured my hair several times. I have had some bad experiences after using hair colors too. But, not after i started using Ana-d-tox home care kit. My friend suggested this treatment at Richfeel to me as I used to frequently colour my hair. Now I know how to care for my coloured hair and protect them from getting dry and brittle. The products used during treatment as well as those in the home care kit contain special protein from plants that repair the damage caused by hair colours. Ana-d-tox treatment is the perfect way to rejuvenate coloured hair that tends to get dry and brittle.

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