Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic Review

Richfeel has been providing hair loss treatments for over 30 years from now and has been one of the most frequented hair therapy clinics in the country. Currently Richfeel has its clinics spread over 29 cities and the business has been growing at a steady rate. The Richfeel clinics also offer hair transplant surgeries along with non surgical hair loss solutions to the patients. The medicines, food supplements, shampoos, creams etc. that the patients are recommended are all formulated by themselves using their state of the art manufacturing facility at Himachal Pradesh.

Has the service lived up to the expectations?

The reviews from the people who consulted with the experts at the Richfeel Clinic at Rohini are mixed. This of course suggests that the treatment could have been better. While some of the service users are very satisfied with the treatment they received at the Richfeel Rohini clinic, some reviews suggest that their condition worsened after the use of the products and solutions that they were recommended at the Rohini branch of Richfeel. Some of the user reviews put a question mark on the qualification of the experts who carry out the treatment process at Richfeel, while some others put a question mark on the alarming high amount that one needs to pay for the medicines and creams that patient is recommended at the clinic. However some users have found the services and products that they received at the Rohini centre of the Richfeel clinic quite helpful and testify how the treatment brought a ray of hope when they had already given up.

Would I go for the services at Richfeel Rohini centre?

I believe that using chemical products can result only in the depletion of the hair although minor developments can be noticed in initial phases. So I would better stick to the natural products rasther than spending huge amounts on treatments at Richfeel, Rohini.

Value for Money

 The treatment procedures and the medicines that are prescribed at the Richfeel Clinics are too heavy on everyone’s pockets. But the working of the medicines and the treatment is not guaranteed, which is well evident from the guarantee paper that the patients sign before taking the treatment. So it is a sensitive thing to invest such huge amounts when the output is not guaranteed. The services that are provided do not offer value for money since the clinic does not make any mentions regarding the lasting of the treatment.

Qualifications of the experts

The Richfeel Clinic does not disclose anything about the experts that carry put the treatment process at the clinics. It is a matter of concern since you are handing over such large amount of money to the clinic officials for the treatment and if the experts are not experienced you are losing the money and also putting your heath at risk. Some reviews suggest that the experts are not well qualified and do not have degree. They have just completed some online courses before starting the treatments at the clinic. The authenticity of these reviews has not yet been tested but it is definitely a matter to ponder upon.

Effectiveness of the treatment

 The treatment that is provided at the Richfeel rohini clinic has received mixed reviews. The officials at the clinic also do not guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment that they provide. Some users review that the treatment has proved to be quite helpful while some other review the services to be bad and say that taking the treatment resulted in a worse situation for them. One might get great results in the beginning. There are chances that it would continue, but there are also chances that the situation would worsen. The experts also make no promises about the lasting duration of the results.

Range of services and products

The Richfeel Clinic provides a range of treatment types and products for all the patients suffering from hair problems which include both surgical and non surgical methods. The Richfeel Clinic gets a thumbs up in this regard although the effectiveness of all these services and products is a matter of debate.

Service description

The first consultation at Richfeel is free of cost. But the Clinic charges a heavy amount for taking treatment and there is a yearly consultation charge as well. The Richfeel regular use products are also available online. The Hair Conditioner costs Rs 210, Shampoo costs Rs 933 and so on. The major treatments cost heavy on the pockets. However the treatments are put on discounts by Richfeel, most often. The products from Richfeel can be used within 2 to 3 years from the respective manufacturing dates.

Pros of services provided by Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic 

  • Widespread service locations
  • Free first consultation
  • Wide variety of treatment options
  • Easy EMI and Finance options

Cons of services provided by Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic

  • Heavy on the pockets
  • No guarantee on the treatment
  • No mentions regarding expert qualifications

Karma Review

Hair fall problems are often associated with hormonal problems which are a bit more difficult to treat. Thus before investing such a huge amount of money without a guarantee of good results should be followed by a prior research regarding its effectiveness and side effects

2 Replies to “Richfeel Rohini, Delhi Clinic Review”

  1. the first consultation at delhi clinic of richfeel was free. i not only consulted trichologist at richfeel but also my family doctor. on advice of my family doctor i went ahead with richfeel’s hair treatment and got really impressive results.

  2. On suggestion of my cousin, I underwent hair transplant at rohini clinic, last year september. It has been almost 11 months now, and i have a fertile scalp now. Hair have started to grow on my head and i look lot younger. I am really thankful to Richfeel doctors.

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