Torrent Ahaglow Face Wash Review

Ahaglow Face Wash is a product from the Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited and is well known for its efficient action against acne. Ahaglow has been one of the most used face wash products owing to its effectiveness on varying skin types. Using the face wash on a regular basis also helps in maintaining a shield on the skin and prevents further damage to it. Torrent has manufactured some great products into the Indian market and the Ahaglow face wash is one among them. By fulfilling the claims and by virtue of the brand power, the Ahaglow face wash has become one of the most demanded face wash products in the market.

Has the product lived up to expectation?

The Ahaglow Face wash from Torrent Pharma claims to liven up the skin by shedding all the dead and old skin cells. Reduce the superficial wrinkles improve the skin texture and tone. Unblocking and cleansing of the pores along with its strong action on the acne breakouts. May it be mild acne or of the extreme type, the Ahaglow face wash helps in fighting out any type of acne and bring back the fresh new skin of the user. As per the majority of user reviews, the product has performed extremely well in fulfilling its claims and helping the users to get back their fine skin. A regular usage of the Ahaglow face wash has also resulted in the users developing a fairer complexion. The pricing of the product is a bit higher as compared to other face wash products.

This brings out the question, should I go for the product?

The working of the Ahaglow Face Wash has been tested in different user forums. So investment in this product for fighting out the common acne problem is worth a shot, definitely. However one should go for a trial testing and a prior consultation with a dermatologist to ensure the working of the face wash.

Value For Money 

The product is priced a bit on the higher side which is comparatively more as compared to other face wash products. Yet keeping in mind the effectiveness of the product, paying the price for the product is justified. The Torrent Ahaglow Face wash has achieved user satisfaction by fulfilling all the claims.

Claims of the Face Wash and working

As is suggested by several user reviews, a regular usage of the face wash by abiding with the directions of use has resulted in fabulous results. The skin feels smooth and soft after using the face wash regularly. The coloured beads in the face wash helps to clean the skin better. It also helps the user to achieve a fairer complexion and create a shield against future acne breakouts. However since it is a facial product, the user should go for a trial use before going for the daily use of the product. The face wash also unclogs the skin pores.

Packing and Texture of the Face Wash

The face wash is available in a transparent tube. The tube makes it look attractive and also helps the user to know when to go for a new one. The Ahaglow Face Wash is available in different packs with different quantities. The texture of the face wash is gel type and with colour beads suspended in the gel. The coloured beads help in cleaning the skin better and the gel formula of the face wash helps in better absorption of the face wash on the skin resulting in better cleaning.

Ingredients in the Face Wash

The face wash contains nutritional elements and natural components like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which possess fabulous effects on the skin. The face wash also contains glycolic acid which is known for its action against the acne and possess no side effects. However pregnant women should consult a doctor before going for the product to stay safe.

Product Description

The Torrent Ahaglow Face wash is available in different sizes. A 100 gram tube of the Ahaglow Face wash is available for Rs 389. The ingredients of the Ahaglow Face Wash include Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid (1% W/W), Vitamin E, Gel Base and colouring agents. The product can be used within a period of 24 months from the date of manufacturing. The colour of the gel is transparent. But the gel has coloured beads suspended that assist in easy cleaning of the face. The fruity fragrance of the face wash is a charm.

Pros of the Torrent Ahaglow Face Wash

  • Non comedogenic cleanser, paraben free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gel based formula for easy foaming
  • Fruity fragrance and coloured beads for easy cleaning

Cons of Torrent Ahaglow Face Wash

  • Not tested for use by pregnant ladies
  • Contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • In summers, it does not substitute a sunscreen. A sunscreen needs to be used along with the face wash.

Tracker Review

The directions mentioned on the product need to be followed carefully while using the face wash. The product can be used by both men and women to get a vibrant and acne free skin after just a few days from the start of use.

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