Truweight Bangalore Koramangala: Weightloss Programs & Reviews

Truweight Wellness Pvt Ltd is situated in the prime location of Koramangala area in Bangalore.

Address: 2nd Floor, Lotus Building, Sony Centre Signal, 4th Block, 

Above Reliance Jewels, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka- 560095

Weekly timings of the office

Monday- 10am-7pm

Tuesday- 10am-7pm

Wednesday- 10am-7pm

Thursday- 10am-7pm

Friday- 10am-7pm

Saturday- 10am-7pm

Sunday- 10am-7pm

It is the primary contact centre between the clients and the company. With over 100 employees, Truweight’s Koramangala branch has the following teams that ensure the best of services:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team 
  • The service team of dedicated, certified dietitians.

The various operations performed here range from:

  • Health consultation and health check-up
  • Addressing and solving client’s complaints and queries
  • Counselling and diet-plan customization by the experts 

Overall Rating of Bangalore’s Centre by Customers

  1. Value for Money

    “Great program with value for money. Losing weight is a healthy side effect of this lovely learning to eat the right programme. All the best”

  2. Quality of Treatment 

    “I am extremely satisfied with Truweight. It helped me deal with my Thyroid problem and my PCOD. I have also been enjoying the superfoods that are being provided to me. My dietician is always there to guide me whenever I have any health-related queries and she gives me diets which are catered according to my health needs. I would definitely suggest Truweight to others who are suffering from weight problems. Thank you so much Truweight.”

  3. Quality of products

    Truweight is an excellent program for those looking for weight loss. The superfoods provided by them are easy to use, tasty and safe. Superfoods combined with daily exercise will give excellent result”.

  4. Staff assistance

    “Great Customer Care. Great Weight Loss Program. Superb Dietician. DELICIOUS SUPERFOODS. I initially enrolled for a three months weight loss program and achieved great results. Now I am going to enrol for a seven months program. It is very easy to follow. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for Weight loss. I am truly satisfied with Truweight. 

Customer Reviews

Manu P (4 stars)– “Dependable weight loss program, wherein dietitians are in regular touch with the user and program is scientifically crafted after a thorough examination of various blood reports. Diet and work out charts are unique to each individual and most importantly all foods (superfoods as they call it) are FSSAI approved and no medicines involved. However, there is no magic performed, one needs to have the commitment towards losing weight for a longer period, slower we lose, lesser the chances of regaining. But a pragmatic diet chart which is not very tough to follow as they a cheat day every week”.

Vipin Kumar (5 stars)– “I have tried different weight loss diets but found all ineffective, I have joined Truweight program 5 months back and lost 10.5kg till now without trying any very hard working.

This is an excellent program and the team is extremely helpful. I have started seeing the results in the first 2nd week itself. I am thankful to everyone here especially my dietician Ms. Yashaswini who has been tirelessly working with me to ensure I achieve my goals. Truweight is an excellent program. It helps you to understand what you really need to eat and helps us to track our progress through their app. Coordinators staff excellent coach. I wholeheartedly appreciate their effort and support. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking for a healthy weight loss option”.

Balaji Kotte (4 stars)– “True weight helped me more than what I expected. I have reduced 15 KG so far and more importantly it’s a health loss. I am very happy with Turweight products and nutritionist who helped and guided throughout the diet program”.

Rudiran Sharma (5 stars)– “On the way With this program in my life I feel very happy for I have lost 15 kgs so far and I am still heading in confident to lose more and be happy and lighter in the future life”. 

Prem Karthik (5 stars)– “Truweight is an excellent program. It helps you to understand what you really need to eat and helps us to track our progress through their app. Coordinators aff excellent coach. I wholeheartedly appreciate their effort and support. I recommend the program”. 

Follow up after-sale

Once the client enrols in the program, Truweight assigns the personal dietitian according to the client’s medical issue and desired weight loss goal. 

The procedure starts with the dispatch of the superfood kit within 3-4 days post billing procedure. The client is guided, to begin with, the detox phase that continues for 15 days. Post detox phase, the dietitian customizes and give the diet plan, which includes the regular meals and superfoods. Further ahead, the meal plan changes according to different stages, requirement, and progress.

Other centres across India

Truweight has expanded many folds in a short span of time and planning to spread its wings even more. Currently, it has centres in 6 cities offering services and Free home consultation.

  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai



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